What We Provide

Businesses have needs for information on who does what, when they do it, for how long, where, and with whom.  Market researchers have obvious requirements for insights on time use by prospective customers, but human resource professionals also need to know how their target work force spends time and what they are doing any hour of the day or night. 

Much information on time use is publicly available from the American Time Use Survey and other sources.  But getting exactly what you need from published tables can be difficult or impossible.  Often what you need has not yet been tabulated but can be.

Using data from the American Time Use Surveys conducted annually since 2003,  we can help you pick any combination of:

            ● who
                        age, sex, race/ethnicity, family status, income, homeowner/renter,
                        region of country
            ● what
                        choose among 400 different categories of activities (click here for the list)
            ● where
                        at home, at work, on the road
            ● when
                        by hour of the day or night, and Saturday, Sunday, or weekdays
            ● with whom
                        relative, friend, neighbor, co-worker