How December Is Different

Time spent shopping and partying increase sharply in December.
It is no surprise that December is the biggest shopping month of the
year, but the jump from November is truly striking: 28 minutes daily
(excluding gas and food shopping), compared to 18 minutes in
November and, for the other 10 months, a daily average of 15 minutes.
And holiday parties presumably are responsible for pushing up the
time spent socializing in December to a daily average of 48 minutes
from 41 minutes in November. Exercising, unfortunately, loses out to
holiday activities and drops to only 13 minutes in December – less
than in any other month.


Estimates are by the Time Use Institute ( )
and are based on the 2003-2007 American Time Use Surveys.
Responses are from a nationally representative sample of adults
age 15 and over.


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